ZEOMEAL – ZEOLITE – CLINOPTILOLITE Powder for washing fruits, vegetables and meat

■ Zeolite - clinoptilolite for human protection
■ For cleaning and detoxification of fruits, vegetables and meat
■ Decontamination from pesticides, fungicides and herbicides
■ Absorber of the viruses
■ It doesn’t alter food’s taste and smell
■ Absorber of the harmful substances from pesticides, herbicides and fungicides

Extremely high cation exchange capacity 130-168 meq/g enables its efficient adsorption of heavy metals in a short period of time.
Clinoptilolite has excellent preventive properties in eliminating the large impact of chemicals on humans. For decades food that has extremely harmful substances in it such as mycotoxins and various chemicals is being used. Up until recently, the impact of agricultural products on man has not been analyzed, and when serious study from certain American Institutes discovered an amazing collection of negative impacts, fight against them began.
The composition, method of use and the declaration is on the label.