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ECOZEL – zeolite – clinoptilolite

ECOZEL is used in farming, fruit growing, viticulture and landscape architecture ORGANIC PRODUCT Application in farming: ■ ECOZEL is applied before sowing crops, plowing to 10-15cm ■ Using in a period of 3-5 years extremely improves the soil structure ■ Brings pH level of the soil at its optimum, which is very important for the…
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ZEOLITE ECOZEL PLUS – Complex zeolite based fertilizer

■ ZEOLITE ECOZEL PLUS is enriched with MAP and NH3 ■ It is used for rapid development of plants in vegetable production ■ The germination of the plants is up to 95-98% ■ The plants mass is increased by 10-12%, and the yield up to 10-12% ■ Accelerates fruiting, maturing and good fruit quality ■ It…
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ECOMELIORANT – Zeolite–clinoptilolite for planting fruit trees and vines

ORGANIC PRODUCT ■ It is used for planting fruit trees, vines, raspberries, all kinds of berries, etc. ■ More efficient option for raising new vineyards, orchards… ■ Prevents the development of parasitic and bacteriological processes in the root of the tree plants ■ Significantly increases the soil loosening and facilitates the rooting of vine seedlings…
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ZEOLITE ECOFLORA – Mineral complex for home and garden flowers growth

ORGANIC PRODUCT ■ For flower growing in home and garden ■ Helps faster growth and greater luxuriance of plants ■ For successful raising and care of your lawn ■ For growing flowers in glasshouses, greenhouses and outdoors ZEOLITE ECOFLORA consists of many minerals, with zeolite minerals and diatomaceous earth as the most important ones. ZEOLITE…
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