ZEOLIT – CLINOPTILOLITE Dietary supplement for oral use

■ Antioxidant with wide spectrum of use
■ Improves immunity
■ Rehabilitates gastrointestinal manifestations
■ Removes free radicals, toxins and heavy metals from the body

ZEOLIT is the undisputed natural antioxidant that acts as prevention for gastrointestinal tract, dermatological and immunity diseases. At the University of Kyoto (Japan) in the last few years, intensive studies are being done on the application of zeolite in the prevention of cancer of the thyroid gland, Alzheimer's disease and the application of stem cells in the treatment of central nervous system.
It was found that free radicals are the main causes of the pathological condition of the body.
It was found that 90% of the total of various diseases are caused by disorders of cell functions ie. by direct or indirect damages to the cells by free radicals. Free radicals are atoms, molecules or ions which contain one or more unpaired electrons in the final molecular or atomic orbital. Therefore they act as strong oxidizing agents with all classes of biomolecules in the body - lipids, proteins and DNA - deoxyribonucleic acid and they damage vital cellular functions. When, due to excessive or inadequate removal of free radicals, redox homeostasis of cells is damaged oxidative stress is developed. Damage to the cells under conditions of oxidative stress occurs by destabilizing of the mitochondria and through cytochrome C and activation of caspase 9 that then activates "executional" caspases.
We have described only part of the research of the application of zeolite - primarily its mineral clinoptilolite, and zeolite has a much wider application as a drug, supplement or nutritive of broad spectrum. Our moral obligation is to emphasize the importance of our dietary supplement ZEOLIT.
The composition, method of use and the declaration is on the label.