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ZEOLITE ZEODOGPET – Powder for skin protection of animals

ORGANIC PRODUCT ■ Used for reparation of injuries and skin care for pets - dogs, cats, hamsters ... ■ Effective rehabilitate injuries, cuts and sore spots in pets ■ Protects fur and eliminates skin diseases and injuries of pets ■ Absorbs grease, salt and odors Pets have become a constituting part of our lives. They…
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ZEOLITE ANTIKRPELJ – Fungicidal powder from natural minerals

ORGANIC PRODUCT ■ Used for protection against ticks, fleas, ear lice and other similar vermin ■ Helps with wounds, stitches and other damage to the skin of animals ■ Improves hair and skin of animals With its minerals diatomite and zeolite ZEOLITE ANTIKRPELJ dries out and destroys skeletons of ticks, fleas, ear lice and other similar…
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ZEOLITE ECOPET – Mat granules for pets

ORGANIC PRODUCT ■ Granulated zeolite, sepiolite, montmorillonite are best protection for pets ■ Prevents the development of bacteria in the home environment ■ Absorbs grease and salt from fur of cats and dogs ■ Absorbs unpleasant ammonia smells and excrements ZEOLITE ECOPET has minerals important for environment of the mat for pets. Clinoptilolite and montmorillonite…
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ECOCINC – Zeolite sand for dry bathing of the chinchillas

ORGANIC PRODUCT ■ Used for bathing in dry zeolite powder ■ Cleans and absorbs salts from chinchilla fur ■ It absorbs grease from the hair root of the chinchillas ■ Use of the ECOCINC  helps the improvement of the quality of chinchilla fur We suggest that chinchillas are usually bathed 2 hours before feeding It…
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