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ZEODOGPET – Powder for skin protection of animals

ORGANIC PRODUCT ■ Used for reparation of injuries and skin care for pets - dogs, cats, hamsters ... ■ Effective rehabilitate injuries, cuts and sore spots in pets ■ Protects fur and eliminates skin diseases and injuries of pets ■ Absorbs grease, salt and odors Pets have become a constituting part of our lives. They…
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ANTIKRPELJ – Fungicidal powder from natural minerals

ORGANIC PRODUCT ■ Used for protection against ticks, fleas, ear lice and other similar vermin ■ Helps with wounds, stitches and other damage to the skin of animals ■ Improves hair and skin of animals With its minerals diatomite and zeolite ANTIKRPELJ dries out and destroys skeletons of ticks, fleas, ear lice and other similar…
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ECOPET – Mat granules for pets

ORGANIC PRODUCT ■ Granulated zeolite, sepiolite, montmorillonite are best protection for pets ■ Prevents the development of bacteria in the home environment ■ Absorbs grease and salt from fur of cats and dogs ■ Absorbs unpleasant ammonia smells and excrements ECOPET has minerals important for environment of the mat for pets. Clinoptilolite and montmorillonite have…
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Download and Watch Movie BTS World Tour: Love Yourself in Seoul (2019)

BTS World Tour: Love Yourself in Seoul (2019) HDDirector:Son Sung-deuk.Release:January 26, 2019Country:South Korea.Production Company:Big Hit Entertainment, CGV Arthouse, CJ Entertainment.Language:한국어/조선말.Runtime:130Genre:Music, Documentary.'BTS World Tour: Love Yourself in Seoul' is a movie genre Music, was released in January 26, 2019. Son Sung-deuk was directed this movie and starring by Kim Nam-joon. This movie tell story about Shot…
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