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ZEODERM – Zeolite-clinoptilolite whole body cream

ORGANIC PRODUCT ■ Nourishes and refreshes the skin ■ Used for occasional skin tightening ■ Acts antibacterially on diseased skin ■ Absorbs salts and grease from skin ■ Absorbs toxins ■ For external use only Human skin is exposed to numerous external agents, most of which contain mercury, lead, volatile chemicals, exhaust fumes and other…
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ZEOLITE BENTOFREE G – Face mask from natural minerals

ORGANIC PRODUCT ■ Absorbs dirt and grease off your face ■ Efficiently remediates pimples, blackheads and acne ■ Absorbs salts and toxic substances from the skin ■ Improves skin immunity ■ Gives the skin elasticity and freshness ZEOLITE BENTOFREE G is a face mask from natural minerals. Between mineral and the skin (salt, grease) ion-exchange…
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BENTOPASTA L – Zeolite-montmorillonite mineral mud with lavender

ORGANIC PRODUCT ■ Multicomponent mineral mud is purified and cleared from harmful microbial substances, and as such is safe product for all skin types ■ It is used for cellulite removal and improvement of the skin tone ■ It absorbs sweat, salts and toxic matters ■ Ion-exchange introduced microelements into the skin ■ BENTOPASTA L…
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ZEOSUPERDERM – Zeolite-clinoptilolite cream for skin protection

ORGANIC PRODUCT ■ Protection of the pockmarked, hurt or damaged skin ■ Rehabilitates neuropathological effects on the skin ■ Prevents melanoma and similar phenomena ■ Absorbs toxins, grease and salt ■ The cream works on less and more serious forms of damage ■ For external use only Formulation of the ZEOSUPERDERM involves series of natural…
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