About I-Zeolite

"I-Zeolit LTD" is a subsidiary of the company "Contractor LTD" which was formed in April 1991. Company engineers have researched deposit "Jablanica" in Kruševac, and the company has certified the reserves of zeolite tuff in which the main mineral is clinoptilolite, and it also contains heulandite and mordenite. The company will further research to define the qualitative and quantitative content of this mineral complex. For further development, the company invested in a complete production line for ore drying to 110 degrees, crushing, grinding, segregation of micron fractions, the equipment necessary for the production of individual products, furnace for activation of zeolite up to 260 degrees, back flow stirrer with packaging line, mixers for powders, mixer for creams and products for human use, welding machines, filling machines…
In a word, the entire resources of the mine, along with the processing and production of supplements and other products, is absolutely within our company. About zeolites, bentonites and magnesites, which we already use in our recipes, we will write in an easy, affirmative form, so that users would have a clear idea of our products' advantages.
Our web site is very extensive and has a detailed presentation of each product (31), so that the width of the program shows the completeness and seriousness of our company.

I-Zeolit is a company with professionals who are the best in the area of zeolite, bentonite and magnesite. It is the introduction of the new formulation of minerals that have what a man in a particular health condition needs and I-Zeolite takes a new step in the research and development. All of this is followed by direct cooperation with our institutions as MINING AND GEOLOGY FACULTY - BELGRADE, INEP - INSTITUTE FOR PESTICIDES - ZEMUN, PHYSICS INSTITUTE - KRISTALIN F- ZEMUN, FACULTY OF SCIENCES - BELGRADE and well-known experts and scientists who are directly involved in research and formulation of the product.

Further information about the company
VAT: 106676835
Registration number: 20657812
You can download Decision on registration of the company from Business Registers Agency (PDF)