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ZEOHAND – ZEOLITE – CLINOPTILOLITE Powder for hand protection

ORGANIC PRODUCT ■ Powder which is used for hand protection of the gymnasts, weightlifters, judokas, karate and athletes ■ Used to absorb sweat, moisture and grease from the skin ■ Provides excellent hand contact with the sport apparatus ■ Prevents growth of fungi, bacteria and microorganisms ZEOHAND is a brand new product on the market…
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ZEOLIT – CLINOPTILOLITE Dietary supplement for oral use

ORGANIC PRODUCT ■ Antioxidant with wide spectrum of use ■ Improves immunity ■ Rehabilitates gastrointestinal manifestations ■ Removes free radicals, toxins and heavy metals from the body ZEOLIT is the undisputed natural antioxidant that acts as prevention for gastrointestinal tract, dermatological and immunity diseases. At the University of Kyoto (Japan) in the last few years,…
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Streaming Full Movie Happy Death Day 2U (2019)

Happy Death Day 2U (2019) HDDirector:Christopher Landon.Writer:Christopher Landon.Producer:Jason Blum.Release:February 13, 2019Country:United States of America.Production Company:Digital Riot Media, Blumhouse Productions.Language:English.Runtime:100Genre:Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Science Fiction, Comedy.Movie 'Happy Death Day 2U' was released in February 13, 2019 in genre Horror. Christopher Landon was directed this movie and starring by Jessica Rothe. This movie tell story about Collegian Tree…
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Download Full Movie The Gandhi Murder (2019)

The Gandhi Murder (2019) HDDirector:Karim Traïdia, Pankaj Sehgal.Writer:Ralitza Ivanova.Release:January 30, 2019Runtime:118Genre:Thriller, Drama, History.Movie 'The Gandhi Murder' was released in January 30, 2019 in genre Thriller. Karim Traïdia was directed this movie and starring by Vinnie Jones. This movie tell story about Three Senior police officers in different parts of India, who, well aware of the…
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