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ZEOHAND – Zeolite–clinoptilolite powder for hand protection

ORGANIC PRODUCT ■ Powder which is used for hand protection of the gymnasts, weightlifters, judokas, karate and athletes ■ Used to absorb sweat, moisture and grease from the skin ■ Provides excellent hand contact with the sport apparatus ■ Prevents growth of fungi, bacteria and microorganisms ZEOHAND is a brand new product on the market…
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ZEOLIT – clinoptilolite – dietary supplement for oral use

ORGANIC PRODUCT ■ Antioxidant with wide spectrum of use ■ Improves immunity ■ Rehabilitates gastrointestinal manifestations ■ Removes free radicals, toxins and heavy metals from the body ZEOLIT is the undisputed natural antioxidant that acts as prevention for gastrointestinal tract, dermatological and immunity diseases. At the University of Kyoto (Japan) in the last few years,…
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ZEOMEAL – Zeolite–clinoptilolite powder for washing fruits, vegetables and meat

ORGANIC PRODUCT ■ Zeolite - clinoptilolite for human protection ■ For cleaning and detoxification of fruits, vegetables and meat ■ Decontamination from pesticides, fungicides and herbicides ■ Absorber of the viruses ■ It doesn’t alter food’s taste and smell ■ Absorber of the harmful substances from pesticides, herbicides and fungicides Extremely high cation exchange capacity…
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