ZEOSTEP – ZEOLITE – CLINOPTILOLITE Powder for feet protection from body odor and perspiration

■ Powder for feet protection
■ Absorbs unpleasant odors and protects  your feet from sweating
■ Neutralizes fungi and bacteria
■ Improves hygiene aspects when wearing shoes and sneakers

Today, sports shoes and shoes are the main cause of many fungal diseases and allergies. How much bacteria, fungi and microorganisms is accumulated during the day in sneakers and shoes from synthetic materials? Artificial materials caused mutation of many dermatological and fungal diseases that occur between the toes, on nails on the feet and other parts of the legs.

ZEOSTEP is most effective when sprayed on clean sneakers and disinfected shoes. Small quantity of powder should be sprayed into each shoe, for example with two or three jerks from a bottle, every two or three days. This procedure is practically repeated six to eight times in three weeks. One can make a break and it is normal to change shoes or sneakers. It shouldn’t be  used in larger quantities of suggested dose so it doesn’t bother your walking and comfort. Socks also can be sprayed, because dust penetrates through them to the skin.
The composition, method of use and the declaration is on the label.