ZEOHAND – ZEOLITE – CLINOPTILOLITE Powder for hand protection

■ Powder which is used for hand protection of the gymnasts, weightlifters, judokas, karate and athletes
■ Used to absorb sweat, moisture and grease from the skin
■ Provides excellent hand contact with the sport apparatus
■ Prevents growth of fungi, bacteria and microorganisms

ZEOHAND is a brand new product on the market based on a zeolite that has applications in many sports disciplines and work places, where the most important function is achieved through a full hand contact with another body. Gymnasts have the circles, pommel horse; weightlifters have bars that carry weights; karate requires less sweat on hands and palms; Athletics have the technical disciplines - ball, hammer, javelin, discus, etc.
At many workplaces in production processes hands need to be dry and palms need to sweat less. Previously athletes had used talc, who has since exhibited some negativity. Talc, although mineralogically and petrographically inert, with prolonged use is beginning to be good ground for the creation of microorganisms, bacteria and fungi. Often because of that, for athletes in individual sport disciplines problems on skin occur. I-ZEOLIT recommends alternating the use of various powders of talc and ZEOHAND, in order to prevent skin problems.
It might not hurt to say that ZEOHAND’s dominant mineral clinoptilolite is called in literature as the "cleaner of nature and man." Fungi, as an independent group of micro-organisms attacks nails and creases on the palms and fingers. ZEOHAND is an extremely effective mean for fighting fungal phenomenon. Fungi are less dangerous compared to bacteria and viruses and should therefore be eliminated by preventing on time.
The composition, method and declarations is on the package.