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ECOZEOMALTER – Zeolite mortar aggregate

ORGANIC PRODUCT ■ Protection against radioactivity and electromagnetic waves ■ Improves the microclimate and health conditions in the home and residential ambience ■ Great thermal insulator with high thermal energy savings, zeolite is porous and up to 42% ■ Absorbs smoke, odors and increased humidity in the premises ■ It prevents the development of microorganisms…
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ECOSORBENT – Clinoptilolite -Zeolite mineral sorbent for accidental situations

ORGANIC PRODUCT ■ Zeolite - clinoptilolite based product with broad spectrum of action for protection of the environment ■ Great adsorbing power allows absolute adsorbing of the spilled petroleum products, hazardous liquids, antifreeze, ammonia, LPG, etc. ■ It has an great application in case of accidents for rapid neutralization of harmful substances, diesel fuel, gasoline,…
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ECOPOOL A AND B – Zeolite filter medium for water cleaning

ORGANIC PRODUCT ■ Used for public pools and controlled water supply systems ■ Absorbs ammonia and prevents the formation of chloramine ■ Protects the skin and prevents infection of respiratory and digestive organs ■ Effectively prevents conjunctivitis ■ Only for fresh water The natural minerals in the product ZEOLITE ECOPOOL A and B are an…
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