ECOPOD – Zeolite mineral supplement for high-quality living conditions for animals


ECOPOD has a double effect – it binds harmful gasses and ammonia, and along with litter builds quality fertilizer
■ Used in poultry farms, stables, pigsties, chinchilla farms, etc.
■ Absorbs harmful fumes, ammonia and odors of decay
■ Creates better environment
■ Prevents condensation in stables with concrete floors

ECOPOD is used in farms for better living conditions for animals and it forms, together with animal excrements, high-quality fertilizer. ECOPOD absorbs liquid and other volatile substances and binds them to their crystal grid.
ECOPOD together with straw and other litter absorbs the urine and manure and creates an extraordinary fertilizer. ECOPOD increases the effect of fertilizer with higher coefficient of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium utilization. ECOPOD with manure works for several years when used as a fertilizer, which is almost identical to the interpretation of mineral fertilizers. ECOPOD with manure can be applied in a quantity of 35-40t / ha every 2-3 years. Consumption of ECOPOD is directly related to the type of domestic animals, hygiene and ambience of the facility, primarily the floor. ECOPOD keeps ammonia and potassium, and performs the function of the fermentation in aerobic and anaerobic conditions. ECOPOD prevents the formation of nitrate and nitrite (very dangerous for animals and humans). In the countries of the European Union adverse effects of mineral fertilizers after many years of use has been established. ECOPOD is fertilizer and at the same time performs the decontamination of nitrate and nitrite (nitrate directive - 676EC). ECOPOD binds toxins and prevents mycosis at ungulates and thereby prevents bending of the legs.
ECOPOD in combination with straw form an optimal balance of macro and micro elements and thus improves the quality of manure.