ECOSORBENT – ZEOLITE – CLINOPTILOLITE Zeolite mineral sorbent for accidental situations

■ Zeolite - clinoptilolite based product with broad spectrum of action for protection of the environment
■ Great adsorbing power allows absolute adsorbing of the spilled petroleum products, hazardous liquids, antifreeze, ammonia, LPG, etc.
■ It has an great application in case of accidents for rapid neutralization of harmful substances, diesel fuel, gasoline, ammonia and other nature pollutants
■ For tank cleaning, wells with oil sludge and harmful dense fluids
■ In the oil industry it is used for cleaning of exploitation wells, refineries, gas stations and places where various types of fuels are poured
■ For the decontamination and cleaning of large accidents in nuclear plants (Chernobyl, Fukushima ...)
EKOSORBENT zeolite is a very effective product with a very broad spectrum of action. EKOSORBENT is ecologically clean product for environmentally accidental situations.
The composition, method of use and the declaration is on the label.