■ Absorbs ammonia from wells, catchment and standing water
■ Absorbs heavy metals, pesticides and a variety of toxic substances
■ Prevents microbial growth and decay in water
■ Prevents the spread and concentration of odors in water supply facilities

ECOFARM is used to maintain a healthy and clean drinking water in wells.
Depending on the purity of water one cage is used for 3-5 m3 of water. The depth to which the cage is lowered into the well is about 3-4 m. If there is more water in the well another cage is added.
ECOFARM absorb substances harmful to the human, such as: heavy metals, pesticide residues, various toxins, odors arising from rotting organic matter.
Ion exchange capacity of at ECOFARM is large, and that ion exchange helps elimination of the harmful matters in water (primarily heavy metals and coliform bacteria).
Zeolite’s capacity of absorption is conditioned by its structural capacity – pore volume and after a while that free volume is completely filled with harmful substances. Therefore it should be reactivated by drying the mineral and insolation, which should last two or three days. It is preferred that insolation is carried out in the presence of wind, air humidity 50% -60% and a temperature of 10-30°C
One ECOFARM with natural minerals can be used up to a year. After that it can be dried and used as fertilizer for plants and vegetable crops.
The composition, method of use and the declaration is on the label.