■ Protection of the pockmarked, hurt or damaged skin
■ Rehabilitates neuropathological effects on the skin
■ Prevents melanoma and similar phenomena
■ Absorbs toxins, grease and salt
■ The cream works on less and more serious forms of damage
■ For external use only

Formulation of the ZEOSUPERDERM involves series of natural ingredients that are in dermatological and pharmaceutical industry known as "ointments" to the skin.
The cream works on the skin very effectively in a wide range of ways which helps milder and more severe forms of skin damage. Unlike many well-known products, the benefit of ZEOSUPERDERM is manifested after 5-8 days, thanks to the mineral zeolite - clinoptilolite

Some type of skin problems are slowly rehabilitated and often cannot be quickly restored to its original state. With ZEOSUPERDERM there must be a certain discipline because the length of the rehabilitation and recovery of the skin often is connected with irregular application of the cream.
The results of the implementation of ZEOSUPERDERM are excellent. This assessment is confirmed by our customers, associates and vendors.

The composition, method of use and the declaration is on the label.