■ Nourishes and refreshes the skin
■ Used for occasional skin tightening
■ Acts antibacterially on diseased skin
■ Absorbs salts and grease from skin
■ Absorbs toxins
■ For external use only

Human skin is exposed to numerous external agents, most of which contain mercury, lead, volatile chemicals, exhaust fumes and other harmful substances of extreme toxicity. Probably few people know that hair dye, various sprays, fumes of formaldehyde and materials for painting are very aggressive to the skin. Leather is sometimes an absorber, and sometimes transmitter of the listed substances.
ZEODERM’s specificity is in its formulation where zeolite is the dominant ingredient. The cavities in the zeolite mineral are at molecular size and such structure and given that the zeolite is the absorber of the harmful substances, allows absorption of salts and toxins through ion exchange. It contains the entire complex of pharmaceutical ingredients such as vaslinum, album, aqua amygdalae, vitamin ad, olea olive, talci veneti, heulandite, analee, paraffinum liquidum
This means that effect of "removing" harmful agents with ZEODERM helps in tightening and cleansing the skin. It is recommended to use ZEODERM in all milder dermatological manifestations.
The composition, method of use and the declaration is on the label.