ZEODOGPET – Powder for skin protection of animals

■ Used for reparation of injuries and skin care for pets - dogs, cats, hamsters ...
■ Effective rehabilitate injuries, cuts and sore spots in pets
■ Protects fur and eliminates skin diseases and injuries of pets
■ Absorbs grease, salt and odors

Pets have become a constituting part of our lives. They require hygiene and clean environment in which to live together with a man. They often have similar illnesses, injuries and bacteria and viruses as well as a man. ZEODOGPET is the powder with extraordinary efficiency, acts as a "natural penicillin" on the domestic animals injured skin. Powder with similar characteristics is a must have for on-foot American soldiers, when they are in the region of humid climates such as Vietnam and many other countries in Indochina and Africa.
ZEODOGPET quickly closes the wound, quickly eliminates redness and quickly leads to healing, which can be completed with some of the less aggressive products such as ZEODERM. ZEODOGPET is mechanically and thermally activated at 350 degrees Celsius and as such is a very efficient tool for a broad spectrum of activity.

The composition, method of use and the declaration is on the label.