Zeolite is used in animal feed in livestock, poultry farming, pig farming. Zeolites affect animal growth, increase bone density, improve feed conversion. Cattle gains faster with less food, mortality is reduced and it also prolongs life. Zeolites promote the solubility of phosphate with poultry and thus higher quality eggs has been produced. Dairy cows produce more milk, the occurrence of mastitis is prevented and the meat quality is very high.
The best-known effect of zeolite is as an adsorbent. Zeolite is used for a variety of poisoning because it binds toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, and in this way it reduces their concentration in the body. Zeolite is useful as an antioxidant also, it prevents the free radicals' negative impacts on cells. Today, our skin cannot self-protect itself so there is a need for artificial protection and cleaning.
In agriculture, natural zeolites are used in vegetable and field crops to increase soil fertility, increasing the yield of agriculture products, lowering the cost of agricultural production, and they are as well used as mineral and organomineral substrates that are applied as a supplement for growing vegetables and fertilizers to increase their effectiveness and length effects, etc

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"I-Zeolit LTD" is a subsidiary of the company "Contractor LTD" which was formed in April 1991. Company engineers have researched deposit "Jablanica" in Kruševac, and the company has certified the reserves of zeolite tuff in which the main mineral is clinoptilolite, and it also contains heilandite and mordenite. The company will further research to define the qualitative and quantitative content of this mineral complex. For further development, the company invested in a complete production line for ore drying to 110oC, crushing, grinding, segregation of micron fractions, the equipment necessary for the production of individual products, furnace for activation of zeolite up to 260oC, back flow stirrer with packaging line, mixers for powders, mixer for creams and products for human use, welding machines, filling machines… more info

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