ECOZEOMALTER – Zeolite mortar aggregate

■ Protection against radioactivity and electromagnetic waves
■ Improves the microclimate and health conditions in the home and residential ambience
■ Great thermal insulator with high thermal energy savings, zeolite is porous and up to 42%
■ Absorbs smoke, odors and increased humidity in the premises
■ It prevents the development of microorganisms and bacteria indoors
■ It is especially recommended when the subject is in the vicinity of power lines, substations and power plants

Properties of ECOZEOMALTER:
■ Material has excellent health properties
■ Material is a mixture of aggregates of zeolite minerals and other healthy building materials
■ Used for decontamination of spaces which underwent major nuclear disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima.
■ Made from natural minerals and it has the property that prevents effects of ultra violet rays and electric and electromagnetic fields.

ECOZEOMALTER has the ability to neutralize a wide range of adverse agents that surround the man, for example. in all areas where man lives he creates increased humidity, but zeolite with its porosity which is up to 42% operates effectively in two directions because it revitalizes and resorpts the air so that excess moisture is absorbed and if there is a deficit of moisture in the room he releases it if needed.

In Japan, in construction are used finished panels in which the basic filler is zeolite.

Way of use:
■ Prepared with 25-30% of water to the total mixture of already prepared or building plaster.
ECOZEOMALTER consumption is about 10-15 kg/m2 for a 1.5cm thick plaster.
ECOZEOMALTER is 40% lighter than conventional plaster construction due to the high porosity zeolite.
ECOZEOMALTER is used for mechanical and hand plastering walls
ECOZEOMALTER is mixed in the traditional manner of plastering
The composition of the mortar contains: the dirty sand 40%; 25% of zeolite; lime 22-25%; cement 5-8%
It contains clinoptilolite as a primary component.