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ECOSILAŽA – Zeolite mineral complex for silaging animal feed

ORGANIC PRODUCT ■ It helps the process of preservation of animal feed ■ Performs canning corn, clover, grass, beet residues, etc. ■ Prevents growth of mold, stop their spread and eliminate mycotoxins from silage ECOSILAŽA is used in the preparation of silage for all components: corn, clover, legumes, herbs, beet remains... This process is done…
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ORGANIC PRODUCT ■ Used for prevention of bacterial processes in pigs ■ For spraying piglets after farrowing sows ■ Preventing sores on the umbilical cord ■ Fast healing navel and preventing bacterial process ECOPRASE is used in the course of parturition. Newborn piglets immediately are sprayed all over her body. This procedure will prevent infection,…
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ECOMIN – Zeolite mineral supplement for animal feed

ORGANIC PRODUCT ■ Uses for pigs, cattle, sheep, poultry and fish ■ Effectively prevents the development of mycotoxins ■ Absorbs harmful substances from the body: heavy metals, toxins, pesticides and other toxic elements ■ Maintains a stable state of health of animals and thereby contributes to a lesser use of drugs ■ Increase the quantity…
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