ECOZEL is used in farming, fruit growing, viticulture and landscape architecture
Application in farming:
ECOZEL is applied before sowing crops, plowing to 10-15cm
■ Using in a period of 3-5 years extremely improves the soil structure
■ Brings pH level of the soil at its optimum, which is very important for the progress of plants
■ Eliminates pesticides, fungicides and herbicides
■ With its thermal properties it allows thermal protection of the plants
■ Allows growth of larger fruit
■ Increase the nutritional and other characteristics of the fruit. The fruits are larger and healthier
■ Increases the root system mass up to 10 - 12%
■ It accelerates plant growth and increases yield up to 6-12%
■ Production costs are reduced by 4-6%

ECOZEL is produced in two granulations:
ECOZEL A - coarser grit (primarily used to improve soil structure)
ECOZEL B - finer grit (used for sowing, transplanting, and to achieve faster yield)
ECOZEL in the soil acts as a "reservoir" of water that is directly given to plants. Natural minerals have the capacity to absorb water.
■ It improves the structure of acidic soils
■ Eliminates various toxics and radioactive elements from soil
■ It improves soil quality and water-air factor
■ Performs reclamation functions in soil

ECOZEL is a zeolite, clinoptilolite and dolomite based product with a very wide application in plant, vegetable, fruit, vineyard and forestry production. It has a striking feature that does not break down chemically and physically in soil. ECOZEL contains some elements which are necessary in the soil, such as Ca and Mg.
ECOZEL is added to the soil before sowing, at a depth of 10-15 cm, in the amount of
200-400kg/ha/year and can be mechanically shred, because it has similar granulation as NPK fertilizer. ECOZEL cannot change the whole structure and quality of the soil for only one year, but that certainly applies to all other components which enter the soil.
Quantity which is introduced into the soil depends on the results of chemical analyzes of soil and planned yield per unit of the area. It is recommended that at least 200-400kg/ha/year is used for optimal results of high-quality properties of natural minerals.
The best results are achieved when ECOZEL is added together with other fertilizers (NPK, super phosphate, manure) compared to a 1/4 ECOZEL with 3/4 other fertilizers mix. After using ECOZEL on the same soil for a 3-4 years, the structure of the soil, decontamination from pesticides and harmful substances from various fertilizers and water-air factor of the soil will completely change. Minerals within the components of ECOZEL do not break up, which clearly shows that the structure of the soil is primarily changed. We must emphasize that the structure and quality of the soil cannot change for one year.
ECOZEL in parks and “green areas”

ECOZEL contains natural minerals and its use in parks and “green areas” achieves excellent results.
■ Increased percentage of reception of planted plants up to 95 - 100%
■ It works antibacterial and antifungal, and its use increases protection from diseases in all crops
■ The number of spraying for protection against parasites is reduced
■ Faster plant growth

Special Features:
■ Increases quality of the soil, water-air factor, retains water which feed plants
■ Increases the pH value in acidic soils
■ Improves reception and yield when sowing seeds
■ Reduces production costs by 10-30% due to the overall improvement of soil quality;

The composition, method of use and the declaration is on the label.