ECOPOOL A and B – Zeolite filter medium for water cleaning

■ Used for public pools and controlled water supply systems
■ Absorbs ammonia and prevents the formation of chloramine
■ Protects the skin and prevents infection of respiratory and digestive organs
■ Effectively prevents conjunctivitis
■ Only for fresh water

The natural minerals in the product ECOPOOL A and B are an excellent means for rescuing the planet from pollution of water.
ECOPOOL is filter medium made out of natural granulated zeolite - clinoptilolite.
ECOPOOL has a high cation exchange capacity (CEC 1.68-1.80 meq/g and a high surface area SAP (140 m2/g)
ECOPOOL replaces the sand and anthracite in filters for drinking water, surface and groundwater reservoirs, water supply systems, swimming pools ...
ECOPOOL reduces the consumption of chlorine in swimming pools, reducing the discharge time of filters because its bulk weight is 50% lighter than the sand filter (γ = 1.10-1.30 l / m³)
Performs absorption and dissolution of nitrogen and various heavy metals, thereby reducing pollution of groundwater.
In many European countries it is used for treating odors in the sewer systems and reservoirs.

Special benefits when using ECOPOOL are:
■ Saving water and energy
■ Extends use of filters on a single charge
■ The filter medium can be regenerated by washing with brine
■ Significantly reduces the use of chemicals
■ The filter backfill of zeolite is 40-60% lighter than quartz

The composition, method of use and the declaration is on the label.