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ECOKOCKA – Zeolite cube

ORGANIC PRODUCT ■ Absorbs the moisture in indoor household appliances such as refrigerators, freezers (it has effect up to -3°C temperature) ■ It is desirable to place ECOKOCKA near meat and fish ■ Absorbs unpleasant odors in the area where decay occurs ■ Absorbs smell of ammonia, sulfur and other gases ■ Absorbs odor of…
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ORGANIC PRODUCT ■ Absorbs ammonia from wells, catchment and standing water ■ Absorbs heavy metals, pesticides and a variety of toxic substances ■ Prevents microbial growth and decay in water ■ Prevents the spread and concentration of odors in water supply facilities ECOFARM is used to maintain a healthy and clean drinking water in wells.…
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ECOALGAL – Zeolite – Clinoptilolite Zeolite minerals for water protection

ORGANIC PRODUCT ■ Used for prevention of the development of backwater in low-flow and standing water ■ It prevents the development of algae and microorganisms and floating dirt in aquariums ■ It improves the aesthetic appearance of streams, fountains and aquariums ECOALGAL is used for prevention of the development of backwater and the greenery in…
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