BENTOPASTA L – Zeolite-montmorillonite mineral mud with lavender

■ Multicomponent mineral mud is purified and cleared from harmful microbial substances, and as such is safe product for all skin types
■ It is used for cellulite removal and improvement of the skin tone
■ It absorbs sweat, salts and toxic matters
■ Ion-exchange introduced microelements into the skin
BENTOPASTA L improves skin immunity

BENTOPASTA L is dispersed montmorillonite and clinoptilolite mineral mud. Other components of the BENTOPASTA L have a very pleasant smell, excellent viscosity, which allows uniform smearing on body.
BENTOPASTA L is enriched with components that synergistically enhance the effect of lavender oil and provide a calming effect.
Must not be used on damaged skin, on which there was an appearance of sores, redness and rash.
The composition, method of use and the declaration is on the packaging

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