ZEOLITE ANTIKRPELJ – Fungicidal powder from natural minerals

■ Used for protection against ticks, fleas, ear lice and other similar vermin
■ Helps with wounds, stitches and other damage to the skin of animals
■ Improves hair and skin of animals

With its minerals diatomite and zeolite ZEOLITE ANTIKRPELJ dries out and destroys skeletons of ticks, fleas, ear lice and other similar vermin and thus provides protection for your pet or domestic animal.
In addition to that, ZEOLITE ANTIKRPELJ’s composition has other minerals that work together to help in the recovery of the skin and hair health
ZEOLITE ANTIKRPELJ is the organic product from natural minerals, and therefore not harmful to humans and the environment
The composition, method of use and the declaration is on the label.

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